24/7 Pharmacy

Taj pharmacy is available 24/7 to provide all your medicine needs, whether they are regular or over- the-counter medicines.

24/7 Laboratory

A well-equipped 24/7 laboratory uses semi-auto analyzers manned by well-trained and experienced technicians to maintain accuracy.


An internal procedure that uses high-energy sound waves. Our professionals are skilled at providing precise information on heart valve function.

Diabetic Foot Scan

Our highly experienced technicians give you with an accurate report on your foot infections, injuries, and bone abnormalities.

Doppler Scan

We have well-equipped scan rooms with advanced investigative equipment like Doppler. Our scan-assisted treatment gives you the best possible care during medicated treatments and procedures.

Podo - IMAT

A podo scan is a non-invasive method that evaluates nerve problems based on plantar pressure distribution. Unlike other tests, these do not involve fasting or sample collection.

Ultra Sound

An ultrasound indicate movement in regions of the body, such as the heartbeat or blood flow through blood arteries. It aids in the diagnosis of discomfort, swelling, and infections in internal organs, as well as the examination of a pregnant woman’s unborn child.

Dibaetes Master Health Checkup

Medical intervention at the right time can aid with disease control. A detailed examination and report on the functioning of organs is included in a master health checkup.